Modular Plastic CNC


!!! I decided to base my development on 25mm pipes. !!!


First draft

This was my first idea and draft. The size of this bearing mount part is 70x70x25mm. With all the additional parts, such as the tube mount and middle part, the slide then has a size of 70x70x180mm. The inner diameter of the bearing mount part is designed for tubes with a radius of 12.5 mm. Now it is clear that I do not use square tubes.

The second picture on the left side shows what the whole slide would look like. It is too big for me. I decided to design a new one.

Second draft

This was my second try for the bearing mount part with a size of 55x55x25mm. But I see a new problem by this design. The slot for the nut is too close to the edge which could destroy the plastic when tightening the screw.
Okay, back to the sketch and to my next try.

Final draft

The name of the headline says it all. I was happy with this design. The x and y dimensions of this part (60mm) are the basis for all the other  components. I calculated that I would get a size of 60x60x135mm with the big slide. That's actually not so much less than in the first draft, but visually it makes a much smaller impression.

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